segunda-feira, 3 de dezembro de 2007


Acho que todos nós independente de tudo tivemos momentos felizes na escola né?
vamos sentir saudades dos nossos amigos dos professores ate mesmo das aulas chatas, por que foram muitos anos de convivencia e isso vai fazer falta, para quem inicar uma "facu" não vai sentir tanta falta mais vai sentir mesmo assim por que escola é escola....

Do you feel more missing?

Kisses and hugs


terça-feira, 30 de outubro de 2007

Only happiness

The happiness is every minute that we live in every move we make, every gesture, every smile.
Life goes much faster to make very sad time, we have to make it an adventure we leave good memories.
We are students of the third year of high school. This will for years tras moments experienced in school, with people who will always be remembered.
Moments that will be eternal in our memory.

by Natália


Hi Friends

Hi my friends are here to make us students of the "E.E Prof. ° Architiclino Santos, which is in the area west of St. paulo, Continental Park. We are studying the 3° year of the second degree, montamos this blog as a job for the teacher of English, so that it can evaluate our knowledge in their field and they will talk a little period of our school and the happy times we spend at school and already in order for that and our last year in school.